Personal CFO process

It has been our experience that successful individuals are more likely to achieve their goals when they design and follow a plan. Our Frank Personal CFO Process outlines a series of meetings that form the basis of our consultative approach and serves as a road map for us, guiding us at every step of the way.

We begin our process by conducting an in-depth Discovery meeting. During our Discovery meeting, we ask a series of questions that provide information about your values, objectives, desires, and challenges.

With this information, we create a comprehensive client profile. The profile provides a clear picture of your situation and identifies strengths and weaknesses in your current plan.

In addition, the profile provides a background and direction for discussions with our team of financial and legal experts and, ultimately, a strategic plan for each client.

We implement the plan focusing on your most pressing needs first, and then systematically address all aspects of your financial life.

The process also provides a thorough plan that we use to:

  • Schedule regular progress meetings
  • Stay in regular contact
  • Review progress and implementation of the wealth management plan
CEG Model